Useful Tips For A Successful Refrigerated Trailer Hire

Written by Elyssa Fagan on 28th June 2018

Tips for a successful refrigerated trailer hire

With our industry leading 24/7 accident management and breakdown services and our modern and well-maintained fleet of vehicles, including Cars, Vans, 4X4s, HGVs and Refrigerated, we pride ourselves on running one of the best hire fleets and support services in the area.

Below are a few tips to help make your Refrigerated Trailer hire as safe and simple as possible.

1. Opt for a professional installation
While the VMS Vehicle Hire Refrigerated Trailers can be rented for self-tow, we are able to arrange a pick-up or delivery to your preferred location. This allows the unit to be installed by an experienced technician while eliminating the need for customers to have additional licence entitlements and insurance.

2. Do not move the Refrigerated Trailer
Once the freezer trailer has been positioned correctly and stabilised, it is crucial to connect it to a power source and avoid moving it yourself. There can be issues when the chiller or freezer trailer isn’t level, such as incorrect draining, coil/fan damage and issues with shutting the doors. If you need the Trailer moved, give us a call.

3. Park the Refrigerated Trailer close to the power supply.
Ideally, the fridge trailer needs to very close to the power source, as the units are supplied with a limited lead. If the unit is a long distance from the power supply, a voltage drop could happen due to the length of the cable, causing the unit to dysfunction.

4. Keep the doors shut at all times.
While this may seem pretty straightforward, most customer service enquiries about rental trailers not being able to hold temperature are in fact due to the doors being left open by clients in order access the goods inside the trailer. Please keep the doors shut to ensure smooth operation of the fridge, and avoid the unit to ice up and possibly harm the machinery.

5. Avoid overloading the shelves
While the shelves installed in our refrigerated trailers should be sufficient to meet your cold storage needs, it is always possible to overload them. Please avoid putting excessive stress on a shelf, and try to evenly distribute the weight across the shelving pan.

6. Don’t adjust the set temperature. 
When trying to change the controller of the unit It is very easy to accidentally access the operating parameters. If tampered with, these can lead to inefficient operation of the unit and possible damage. Make sure you check with the delivery driver that the unit is set to the required temperature, and ask for exact instructions if you do need to alter the temperature during the hire period to avoid problems.

We also know our service and support does not stop once you drive off in your vehicle - we are there to support you all the way and you’re to contact us at 0800 622 6242 with any questions or concerns any time.
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