The best way to pack and unload a moving van

Written by Jessica Fidoe on 04th October 2018

Moving van

So, you’ve found the house of your dreams. Your old home is filled with boxes floor to ceiling, and all that flat-pack furniture that you once shouted and screamed at to put together has now been dismantled. 

Now, it’s moving day, you’ve hired your truck or van, and you’re looking at all those boxes wishing you didn’t own so much stuff! 


But loading up to move doesn’t have to be stressful. Use our top tips on loading a moving van to get you through it with ease!

1. Move the largest and heaviest items first

Whether that’s the washing machine, fridge, dishwasher, place these items against the far wall, closest to the cab, remembering to distribute the weight evenly. 


2. Next, load the longer items 

Mattresses, sofas, headboards, table-tops and dissembled bed frames and tables, the idea here is to maximise space. Place these items against the longest walls of the van 


3. Carpets and Linens are your friend

When you roll up your carpet, place items such as lamb bases, table legs inside the carpet as you roll it up. Tape the ends closed. Linen and towels are also a great idea to stuff in both ends of the carpet before taping up to ensure nothing falls out during the move. 


4. Next, use the largest and heaviest boxes (that don’t include your fragile items)

Place the heaviest of your boxes on-top of furniture and under any cavities such as tables and on chair seats. It’s all about making use of the same and to weigh anything moveable down. 


5. Lighter Boxes 

These go on top of the heavier boxes. Try, where possible to stack boxes in rows until they reach the top of the van. The leftover space, grab those bags full of clothes and bed linen and use them to stuff and wedge everything in place. 


6. Awkward and Fragile items on last 

These are safest in those little cubbyholes you’ve created with your boxes that resemble a game of Tetris. Remember to wrap them well with bubble wrap or newspaper to avoid breakages!


7. Finally, stuff any remaining holes 

Shoes, blankets, towels, clothes, hangers. Basically, anything that can’t be broken or ruined and are easy to squish and manipulate. 

Top Tip: Furniture Padding 

You won’t regret furniture padding as it not only protects wood surfaces and stops from any tears and rips, but makes sliding in those heavier pieces much easier! 

So, now you’ve got our top tips on loading a moving van, why not hire your van/truck to make ensure you’ve got the best vehicle for the job! 



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