The benefits of taking your test-drive in a hire car before buying

Written by Jessica Fidoe on 15th October 2018

benefits of taking your test-drive in a hire car

Purchasing a car can be a long process. Researching can be tedious and even then, everything can change when you actually get in the vehicle! We believe that if the make and model of the car you wish to purchase is available to hire, then this is the best way to conduct a thorough test-drive.

Here we have put together three simple benefits of taking your test-drive in a hire car before you buy.

1. Get used to the handling in real life situations 

Hiring options allow you to drive away for longer than just one day. Hiring your potential make and model for a weekend, or even for a full week will allow you to test it out to see if it fits your lifestyle. 

From driving the car to work, dropping the kids off at school, driving on country roads and on motorways, testing the car as you would use it, day in and day out, will give you the best insight into whether that car works for you and your needs. 

Is it comfortable when you’re stuck in traffic on the commute to work? What is the fuel consumption like on a week’s worth of petrol? What’s it like to park in? How does it handle over the speed bumps in your village, on the motorway along your daily commute? 

2. See if there’s enough space 

Part of testing the vehicle out in your life is as much about the handling of it, as it is about exploring the space and capacity within it. Maybe you have a large family, pushchairs, golf clubs, pets, and work supplies. Maybe you go on lots of long weekends away, so space for suitcases (and the kitchen sink) may be required, or even just to see how many full supermarket bags you can squeeze in! 

Looking at pictures online or test-driving it for an hour won’t give you a good enough perspective into how much interior space there really is. Hiring allows you to get up close and personal with the vehicle before committing to buying anything! Plus, you won’t have a salesperson hovering in the back of the car. You can really get stuck in when it comes to hiring a car! 

3. Try out more than just one

If you’re deliberating between a few different makes and models, why not try them all! This way you can easily narrow down your search by ruling out any definite nos! Maybe you’re pulled between the style of an executive car, and the usefulness of a people-carrier. Comparing the drive, feel and experience you have in the various cars is a great thing to do before parting with your hard earned cash.

At VMS we have so many cars to try out. The friendly staff in our four branches will be sure to help you make the most of your test-drive. Contact us today to find out how we can help you! 

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Or maybe you’re looking at test-driving a van instead? 

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